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There are wide range of simple as well as compound Microscope availed by us that are equipped with best grade optical components to produce enlarged and visible images. They are widely used in various laboratories and educational institutes.
Laboratory Instruments
We are offering premium quality Laboratory Instruments that are manufactured by using premium grade components for their efficient working and longer service life. These tools can be used for the shaking, heating, sterilization etc. of different test samples.
Microbiology Lab Instruments
Microbiology Lab Instruments manufactured and supplied by our company are designed for the testing and visualization of the microorganisms. These are commonly used in various industries which includes forensic, biology and other.
Mortuary chamber
Mortuary Chamber designed by our company are widely used in hospital facilities for the preservation of dead bodies to prevent the decaying by keeping them at very low temperature up to -15 degree Celsius with a help of the inbuilt refrigeration unit.
Laboratory Glassware
Our company provides best in class shatter proof Laboratory Glassware that are commonly used in chemical, biological and forensic labs to keep test samples. They are popular due to their excellent transparency and resistance against high temperature and corrosive materials.
Physic Lab Instruments
Customer can get premium quality Physic Lab Instruments that are designed and developed by our team of highly skilled professionals by using best quality materials. They are various types of such lab equipment availed by us at a reasonable price.
Chemistry Lab Items
Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of premium grade Chemistry Lab Items that are especially designed for the chemical industries and can also be used in educational laboratories to perform various operations such as titration, mixing and other.
Autoclave are completely closed chambers that are used to create a desired atmospheric condition within the chamber by adjusting temperature, pressure and humidity within the container for the sterilization and growth of tissue culture.
Biology Models
Buy from us best quality Biology Models that are designed by using light weight and non-toxic rubber materials. These are widely used in medical institutions for the educational purpose for the detailed explanation of each component of the organ.
Aarson Scientific Works is a big name which deals in the manufacturing and supplying of Balance Instruments that are designed with dimensionally accurate components connected together to make a durable and fully balanced system.
Oil And Petroleum Testing Products
Oil And Petroleum Products availed by us makes it very easier to test the viscosity, and various physical or chemical properties of the test samples in industries. Buy from us these tools in bulk at reasonable price.